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Washers All shapes and sizes of Foam and Rubber Washers Washers of every conceivable type are produced by Advanced Seals and Gaskets Ltd from Non-Metallic materials, Washers have a magnitude of uses in all areas of industry. Quality controlled washer production to ISO 9001 Advanced Seals and Gaskets Ltd possesses the ability to produce ?quality controlled? washer products from most materials within our vast materials catalogue. We can produce a singular Washer or multiples of million batches. Washers We have many heavy presses which produce Washers from firmer non-metallic materials such as Vulcanised Fibre where others fail, our heavy presses incorporate interchangeable tooling that not only produces these products with ease but also with high levels of accuracy. Fully picked and separated Washers We also incorporate simple sifting techniques to separate the scrap from the actual product Neoprene Sponge Washerswhich enables us to supply a fully picked and ready to use product direct to the customer. These are all manufactured under ISO 9001 and can be readily supplied in various formats to aid further use, these formats include: Plain or self-adhesive backed Crush cut (individual washers) Kiss cut in roll form Fully Picked (scrap and centres removed) Un-picked (centres left in) Tube cut washers Large Foam and Rubber Washers We can even manufacture washer products at over 1m in diameter using specialist plant and equipment. Advanced Seals and Gaskets Ltd Tel: 01384 252555 Email: ISO 9001 The information presented is based on the present level of knowledge and experience. All information and recommendations contained in this publication are to the best of our knowledge. Since the conditions of use are beyond our control, users must satisfy themselves that products are suitable for the intended processes and applications.

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